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Teen Summer Reading Program Promotion Booktalk

Most of my outreach is for elementary students, mostly because it is easier to get into classes there, but since the sixth graders are just weeks away from graduating, they are practically middle-schoolers. So I’ll be promoting the Teen (12 and up) Summer Reading Club to them, though I’ll be mentioning that if they want they can also sign up and participate for the kids. Most kids don’t want the prizes for the little kids, but will sometimes attend if the program sounds interesting. The theme for teens is You are Here.

I’m squeezing the entire 6th grade from the local school in after an epic day of division meeting to explain the Summer Reading Program, opening the branch, and Kindergarten class visits, and all of this before 3 p.m.. I have about an hour to give an short tour and promote our programs. The hardest part will be what to have the kids do while I’m giving the tour. I’m thinking geography trivia they can try to answer while we quickly give a tour, and then go over the answers when I get back. I found a good quiz here

So after introductions and a discussion of library cards and the library, I’ll divide the group in half and do a tour for one half while the others answer trivia questions. After all the kids do the tour and the quiz/game we’ll go over the answers (with prizes/candy for winners), and ask the kids if they’d like to see the world?

I’m going to do some book talks:
Peak Can you imagine being the youngest kid to climb the tallest mountain on earth? Well, in Peak by Roland Smith one boy leaves his home in New York City, where there are only skyscrapers to climb, and travels all the way around the world to tackle that exact challenge. Adults die trying to climb this mountain every year, it requires a huge amount of endurance, skill, and luck. Do you think you’d want to risk your life to say you are the youngest person to conquer the mountain? See what Peak Marcello does, and if he makes it to the top, by reading Peak.

If you aren’t ready to take on Everest, we have another challenge here at the library for you. This summer you can get your boarding pass and embark on a trip of a lifetime here at the library. Sign up for our Teen Summer Reading program, complete at least six adventures and get a really awesome prize. This year we have a cool metal water bottle, a nice bag, and a book. You can get all your stamps by attending programs at this location or at one of our branches and reading books of your choice and turning in book reviews.

Each activity not only gets you closer to completing your quest and getting the prize (which will be handed out at the end of the summer program), but it also allows you to enter into a weekly raffle. Winners of weekly raffles will get their choice of books, as well as other awesome prizes.

This summer we’re going to learn about different places around the world, what they’d be like to visit, and what life is like for kids who live there. How many of you have eaten food from a different culture or country? Ever wonder if it is really like what people who live in other parts of the world eat? What the World Eats In What the World Eats you can find that out–how people get their food, what they eat, and how much. Each spread shows one family of at least four and the food they eat during one week. I’ll show some of the families profiled and give details.

Next I’ll tell them about our programs, one of which offers kids the chance to try some foods eaten in other parts of the world. Carrot salad, dal, maybe even sushi. Another program will help kids relax after the end of school, with yoga, origami, zentangles. We’ll be learning some dances from Polynesia and eating pineapple. And going on a trip around the world to track after a master criminal, if you are ready to be a world traveler by then. We’ll hand out the final prizes after we track the thief down!

If we have more time I’ll book talk a couple more books, A Step from Heaven A Step from Heaven, by An Na, and Younguncle Comes to Town Younguncle Comes to Town, by Vandana Singh


So You Want to be an Explorer?

So You Want to Be an Explorer? This summer I’m hoping to encourage all of the kids and teens in my community to explore the world through programs and books. When I first heard that we were doing the national theme One World, Many Stories, I went searching for titles that could give me ideas for programs and to share with kids. Judith St. George and David Small’s So You Want to be an Explorer? seems to capture the spirit of heading off into the unknown.

On one level it is really just a collective biography of various adventurers, from familiar figures such as Christopher Columbus to more obscure female explorers like Mary Kingsley. But it is also, as the name suggests, a guidebook of the characteristics needed to head out to see the world. It is successful because it doesn’t try too hard to tell kids every possible detail about all the figures covered, but rather inspires kids to explore the world and even to look into these historical figures to learn more! The illustrations are lovely water colors that don’t focus too much on accurately portraying the figures discussed, rather they are more like caricatures. This is the Caldecott Award winning team of So You Want to be President?, which is supposed to be updated and re-released, I believe.

For this summer, I’m going to include it in our display, and maybe book talk it during our second week program. I’d recommend this book to any other libraries doing the national theme, and for those kids, teachers, and librarians who long to explore the world and want to know how to get started!

Younguncle Comes to Town

Younguncle Comes to Town Some of you might be lucky enough to have a really cool relative. Maybe an awesome aunt who plays all the coolest video games, a grandma who plays baseball, or a cousin who may just be a super hero. If you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to hang out with them a lot and hear their cool stories and get into adventures with them.

Sarita and Ravi and their baby sibling are just that lucky. Their father’s brother is coming to live with them. Known just as Younguncle, he joins their family house in northern India, where it is quite common for extended family to live together. After joining their household things start to get interesting for all three of the children, including the baby. Her goal in life is to eat an ENTIRE shirt of her uncle’s, which she almost achieves when a monkey comes and grabs it from her. The whole family is worried when the shirt is missing and the baby is found looking guilty, but the baby is fine, so everything appears normal, until a ghost appears to be haunting the town frighting everyone around. This leads to even further adventures as the dry season in Northern India brings out Younguncle to save the day and have some fun.

In Younguncle Comes to Town, Vandana Singh brings India to life through the exploits of Younguncle as he ranges through town, saving tigers, working with pickpockets, and helping his family out of a variety of situations. If you want to get a glimpse into growing up in a place far from here, check out Sarita and Ravi’s stories of their Younguncle.

Recommended for the Summer Reading Club, One World Many Stories. It would be a good choice for a family read aloud, or for good 3rd grade readers and up.

The Farmer’s Market and Me

So even before I started this job, I decided it would be awesome to try and get some advertising for the SRC at the Farmer’s Market just down the street. My supervisor didn’t hear back in time for the kick off weekend, but today we set up a table at the market. It started POURING at 5 am and continued for a couple of hours, with loud thunder and lightening–I was sure that my plans would be washed down the drain.

Fortunately, it stopped in time for me to haul my stuff down at 8am. We had a small card table–which was smaller then I thought we’d have. I made it work by storing the forms in our box under the table. Not the most organized, but it worked. My room mate came to help me set up and hung around for the market, and I had two volunteens come to help as well. And boy did we need them! We signed up 68 people in 3 hours and talked to at least four times more–including the two kids who finished at our location first.

I’m so excited that it was a success, since it was my first solo activity and my first idea on the job! The latest shift of volunteens are probably still entering the info into the computer, but I got to come home finally!

More New Job Fun

This week I started my new job, and I LOVE it! However, it has left me with less time and energy to dedicate to this blog. Partially that is because I am also finishing my class at the same time. Today is my evening on, so I don’t have to go in to the library for a while this morning. So I thought I’d post about the exciting preparations for the Summer Reading Club that we are busy putting together!

Decorations are going up–with the theme being GAME ON! READ! There are lots of cool games that can be featured, so it is a matter of selecting which ones to feature. Since neither I nor the Librarian I’m assisting with the decor are really into sports, we are focusing on some other outdoors games. We have hula hoops, jump ropes, hop scotch, and a few sports related items. I’m working on signs to advertise our programs each day–there is so much going on that it is important to make sure everyone can see what is scheduled for that day.

We’ve divided the supervision of programs between the four of us Youth Services staff–and I am SO excited about the activities I will get to observe and host. I’ll be working on science themed Tuesdays as well as non-family story time Wednesdays, as well as a variety of other activities. For my first day of work, we went on class visits and I was sharing all of the exciting visitors and programs we will be having and encouraging them to come see them. The kids LOVED hearing about the Turtle Lady, with her buckets of turtles, and the Reptile guy with his ALLIGATOR!! I have to say that I am looking forward to both of these as well, though I can only imagine the potential mess and chaos.

I’m also still working on my passive programing ideas–lots of fun crosswords and word searches!

Reading Corner Themes!

This summer I will be reading Mon-Thursday for an hour to any kids in the library around 1pm. It promises to be enormously entertaining, and hopefully will give me the opportunity to read more picture books. Plus, picture books are fun and the smaller groups will allow more interaction.

To keep what books I’ve read straight, I plan on compiling lists of books for each day. Though I’m scheduled to read for an hour, most likely I will not be reading the whole time, so my goal is 10 books on each topic, for different age levels. A couple for toddlers, a couple for pre-schoolars, some for k-2 grades, and at least one for older kids.

Some of the themes I have lists for already–others I will be compiling as I go along based on what we have at the branch. I don’t want to track down too many books at other branches, so hopefully I’ll be able to find enough for each week.

Here are some of the topics I’ve brainstormed, any suggestions would be great–as well as recommendations of good books on these topics!
-Camping -Farm -Family
-Sports -Clothing -Fruit and Veggies
-Folktales -Colors -Ponds
-Birthday -Creativity -Transportation
-Bedtime -Beach -Alphabet
-Dinosaurs -Jungle -Friends
-Dogs -Emotions -America
-Cats -Ocean -School
-Zoo -Weather -Diversity/multi-cultural
-Bugs -Picnic -Vacation

Some of these I have a lot for, but lots of these I don’t have more then one or two–so I could use suggestions for any read-alouds!

Gearing up for Summer Reading Club!

Part of my new job will be to coordinate the summer reading activities for the new branch–our theme this summer is Game On. Read. and we have reading clubs for infants-pre k, children, teens, and adults, though most of our programing is aimed towards the first three groups. This summer we are also trying some new things with our registration of participants–which will be entirely electronic and progress can be tracked via bar code on the activity sheet and their library card. Our volunteens will be entering the registration, but all staff will have to be trained on the new computer system–so everyone can help.

The official kick off will be a week after I start work, so a lot of information to catch up on before we dive into the fun. Even though I have not started yet, I have a lot of ideas about fun activities. Though the calendar suggests that there wont be much time for any more activities, especially with a four day a week reading corner, where I and volunteens and others will read to any children.

Some of our planned activities:
**Tall Tales of North America
**Mad Science, Up, Up, and Away
**Author Visit: Margaret Peterson Haddix
**Manga & Cartooning
**Lunch Bunch (Every Thursday)
**Kitchen Concoctions: Extreme Cuisine
**Turtle Lady
**Color in Action
**Teen Gaming (Every Thursday)
**Library Bingo
**Jim Gill, Music and Fun
**Irish Dance
**Race on!
And that is just June!!

Right now I feel like I need to get more information on what they are planning before I can see how any ideas I might have would fit into the program. The only part I know for sure that I am responsible for is supervising volunteens and the reading corner.

New Job

In two weeks, I will be starting a new job, which I am super excited and nervous about. It is an amazing position, with the potential to do a huge amount of good in the community, as well as giving me TONS of good experience. I will be coordinating the new center to assist students k-12 with their homework. The job is one that combines advocacy, programing, and hands on, one-on-one interaction with youth. Plus, it is the sort of position that responds to the needs of the community and the season, meaning that I will have a ton of freedom to design new programs and visit new locations to market the center to students and recruit potential volunteers.

Another advantage of this position, is that I will be full time working out of one location. This will make it so much easier to arrange my schedule and plan ahead. Even though I wont begin for a couple of weeks, I’m bursting with ideas for the upcoming Summer Reading Season and the build up to the new school year at the end. It will be adventure to get to know a new branch, new customers, and a new job!

For the next two weeks, I’ll be getting the R2R activities set up to continue after I go, and wrapping up all the other details of my two jobs. I’m sure that I will have lots to post as it gets closer to the time for me to start my new job.