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Meya and Me

So a while ago I realized that I have lots of good pictures of my dogs, but few good pictures of me and the dogs together. This may be because the only thing harder to take than a good picture of a black dog like meya is taking a good picture of me with them. Here are the best two I found:


Wordless Wednesday

Photobooth Oscar

Meya Monday

When Meya gets comfortable on the ground she goes into a classic small dog pose, that always reminds me a little of a frog. Here is Meya in her frog dog pose:

A better view of Meya’s frog legs.

Meya Monday

Meya knows she needs to sit to get treats or attention, but when she gets really excited it is sit-jump-sit, tuck one foot up and under. The one foot tucked pose happens all the time–she even does it outside standing up, like a hunting dog.

Meya Monday

Spring is a great season around here, some days a dog can enjoy some sunshine after a nice rain, while other days you are wading through the snow! These two pictures were shot five days apart.