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Why Moldi?

I was checking out Moldi for one of the last learn and play things–it is really very cool, and I found a book that I could down load and read. It does make me want, maybe to get an electronic book–just a little bit more knowing that I’d have another way to access books–and maybe not spend so much to buy them!

BUT, honestly, who decided that Moldi was a good name for something? Besides an ironic cheese company, I can’t think of something where it would actually be an attractive name. Really,I just can’t see myself saying to someone–“Have you checked out what’s available at Moldi?” Perhaps this is just a way of forcing us to explain exactly what the letters stand for each and every time that I say it.

I just don’t understand why they couldn’t have named it a number of other things, here are a few suggestions:

  • Central Ohio Library Digital Initiative: or Coldi
  • Mid-Ohio Digital Library Initative: or Modli
  • Digital Initiative, Central-Ohio or Dic-o

Any other suggestions?


CML Power Tools

Back in the spring, I remember hearing about the new tool bar that CML created. I was pretty excited and wanted to try it out. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out where to go to get it at home. I looked all over the website and even tried a few searches of the internet. After a while I gave up and forgot about it, maybe it wasn’t released to the public or there weren’t any links from the main page.

When I came to Whetstone, I was happy to see that some of the computers had the tool bar installed, so I got to try it a little. I wasn’t impressed, maybe because of lingering resentment about not being able to find it.

For this activity in Learn and Play I downloaded the catalog plug in for my internet browser. It is actually pretty cool, just so long as I remember when I have it selected and when I am searching google. I like to go from searching the internet for ideas for storytimes, to searching if we have that book in our catalog!

Google Everything

I remember back in 2000 or so, I was studying for a brief time in College Park, and every week I took the green line into DC to work in the library of a little museum. It was a good experience, both the commuting and working in the library. The reason I am relating this expereience, is that I seem to have a dim fuzzy memory of that time (it also could have been in the spring of 2001, when I was in England, it is a dim memory) of seeing a sign for something with a strange spelling and lots of “o”s in it. I do believe I was seeing “google” for the first time, though I had no idea what it was or how it would take over everything. I just remember seeing the word and wondering if this was some strange big city thing that we would never know back in the suburb where I was born.

Now, however, google is everywhere. Not just the search engine, but the google mail, the google blogs, the google documents, and google reader. Its apparent all pervasiveness makes me reluctant to like it, but it is very useful, so I do. In fact, I just switched to google reader, because I wasn’t getting all my updates on bloglines *sigh*.

Anyway, “thing 17” is discover web-based aps, like those on google. Which, I have already discovered during one of my on-line classes. It was very nice to work on a group project for an on-line class, where participants lived far away, and we could all access and contribute to the document. I also like the google callendar, and think it could be useful in a number of ways, but only with people of equal technological skills and attitudes. Using google documents isn’t hard, but requires a new outlook on technology and a trust that some patrons might not possess.


I used Peanut Butter Wiki for a class a year ago, but I don’t have very vivid memories of how it worked. So this new experience was a refresher. Once I was added as a user and able to modify the wiki, it wasn’t too hard. The trick was to steal the lock from another user so I could whip in and add my own, with bullet points no less! So now this very blog is on the library’s wiki.

Library Wiki

For my Foundations of Library Science class, we were required to contribute to a class wiki using PBwiki. It was a great experience, and I hope that I can use wiki (or wikis if that is the plural) in my library career. Some of the library wiki I viewed for this Learn and Play exercize were very well done. I particularly liked the wiki that was done in connection with the adult summer reading program, where people could post book reviews and discusions of books. As with all 2.0 technology, there is a great need for oversight by staff members to make sure that they stay focused on the content area and that nothing inappropriate is posted. I suppose it all depends on who is allowed to modify the wiki and who can police it!

Library 2.0–Looking at the Future

Library 2.0 is, as I’ve already blogged about, one of those things that sort of hits at only certain sections of our clientele. When reading the Learn and Play articles, it seemed like some of the ideas were really out there and not approachable to users that are already not technologically savvy. But, there are ways that the library can use 2.0 concepts to help those who are less savvy. Some of this can be done by building them into already familiar tools, like the self check outs or OPAC. Personally, I’d love to be able to connect my goodreads to the catalogue, or build “libraries” of books from the actual library. I know a number of customers who would love to be able to record all the books they check out so they can remember what they’ve read. Just my 2.0cents!

Day Four–not so delicious

Today marks the fourth day in not having electricity at my apartment, and I am exhausted. The Library still has power, which allows me to type this, but which has contributed to the exhaustion by keeping me on my toes finding outlets for everyone. Last night I remarked that this was the sort of thing that I would blog about if I had power, but then of course there wouldn’t be anything to say (That is the kind of circular thinking that I do when I’m really tired and cranky from not having power for going on 90 hrs.)

Since I lack electricity and a certain other energy that keeps me going, I am only now getting to the learn and play exercises. This time it is Delicious tagging, which I can see the use for, particularly since CML has changed their computers so they can’t be modified to include saved bookmarks. There are a number of reference type websites that I use that I’d like to have at hand, the Juvenile Series and Sequels at the Mid-Continental Public Library, and many others, that I’d like to be able to access at what ever computer I may be working at. It also would allow me to see what others use for that kind of reader’s advisory.

So, while I lack the energy to set up my own account now, I can see that I might once I do get electricity back and have a good nap!