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Hoot (Newbery Honor Book) Riding the bus to his new school in Florida, Roy Eberhardt notices a barefoot boy running flat out away from the bus. Is this some special Florida thing? No one else seems to notice or care about this boy. Roy is new in town, and misses his home and friends in Wyoming, so with few other things to distract him, he is not willing to let this hint of a mystery go. Even when his questions bring the attention of bully Beatrice the Bear down on his head, Roy pushes on to find out who this boy is and why he is running from the bus.

Some investigating leads Roy to discover the mysterious boy, who goes by Mullet Fingers for his ability to catch fish without a hook or line. But this only leads to more questions, who is this kid, why doesn’t he have to go to school, or live in a house, and what does he have to do with the mysterious things happening at the future site of Mother Paula’s All-American Pancake House?

Read Hoot by Carl Hiaasen to find out what happens to Roy in his new school and to figure out the mystery of Mullet Fingers and the vacant lot.

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