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Ten Random Things about Me

I am a pretty random person, and I talk too much, a lot of it about myself (sorry folks, I’m working on it!) So this activity should be right up my alley. BUT I pretty much have said all the interesting random things about me already. That means this might not be interesting or new, but here it goes:

  1. I enjoy travelling but have no sense of direction, and so have wound up lost in various major cities and even a jungle once.
  2. My favorite book is Ender’s Game, I have read it dozens of times, and once met Orson Scott Card.
  3. I’m always discovering new hobbies and then finding out I have no time or space for them. Last year it was beading, year before it was keeping fish (which I still do), and this year it is a little bit of everything including keeping snakes.
  4. I’m adicted to Diet Coke.
  5. I grew up in a suburb in Utah, way back before it became an enormous suburb.
  6. When I have time, I watch all kinds of courtTV, and love both the people’s court and the real life mysteries.
  7. My room mate and I try to out do each other in finding awesomely bad movies and watching them, while making fun of them.
  8. I eat at Bob Evans way too much.
  9. I have three sisters and a brother, three younger and one older, who all live across the country.
  10. Someday I’d like to take up photography, but right now I kind of stink at it, particularly taking pictures of my snakes and fish. (They just don’t stay still!)

YouTube, Guilt, and Cornsnakes

Well, I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I could concievably watch youtube, when I was supposed to be working and not feel guilty. And actually that day is not today, so maybe I was right. Even though this is a learn and play thing I still feel bad watching Youtube at work. Mostly that is because I don’t have headphones or a dollar, so other people have to hear at least a little. But it just doesn’t feel remotely productive.

I am doing this on my lunch, and well…I don’t need to explain myself really! Urg, anyway, I don’t normally use YouTube that much, more just when someone links it or recommends it. Occasionally I’ll look up funny library clips.

Today’s library clip is brought to you by SnakeBytesTV, who follows me on Twitter. I had never heard of them before that, but I suppose they found me by searching people who were interested in snakes. I had someone add me because I said I like fish–they were about fish sure enough, CATCHING and EATING them! Somehow not the same thing as aquarium fish! Anyway, without further ado–Cornsnakes on Snakebytes (which is pretty good, though they call Amels Albinos and Anerys Blacks, even though both are technically Albino, and the Anerys are not so black)

RSS: Really Slow Start

So this morning I decided to try to get a handle on this RSS stuff for Learn and Play @CML. I understand the basic idea behind the RSS, but never have bothered to explore any further. At the moment, I’m not even sure how it will save me time/energy. First of all it took FOREVER for the computer to verify my e-mail address and then it froze and wouldn’t let me add any feeds. I shut the computer down and then came back and it was much faster. I added some of my favorite blogs, and some new CML blogs that I thought might be updated.

For me the question really is: what is the advantage of this over bookmarking pages? I suppose if one wants to keep track of blogs that are infrequently updated and want to have something else keep an eye on it, but if you read blogs that are updated daily then one might as well just go directly to them. I suppose that the usefulness of RSS will be determined by the individual user–I’ll give it a try and see how I can use it!

Curious readers can check out my RSS feed at: http://www.bloglines.com/public/swegene1


My creation

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Even before my brother and his wife had their baby girl, I begun collecting board books for them to share with her. My brother told me that they didn’t have that kind of specialized thing in the college town where he lives. This still makes me laugh, both because he thought board books are specialized, and because that town has all kinds of places to buy specialized things even if they were that hard to find. This encouraged me to buy even more for them. I still have a stack on my book shelf waiting to be sent off, but the first thing I sent them was this little cloth book with a rattle. My sister-in-law uses it with the itty bitty baby girl to read to her while she is stretching her tummy. I think this is a great example of how books can be used even when babies are very young.