Meet the Dogs

Let me introduce myself, I’m Oscar an adorable dog, named after my resemblance to a famous star of television. It may be that I don’t just look like him, but sometimes I’m a little cranky. I think it is TOTALLY justified, if you were a small dog and little creatures hit you on your face, you’d want to snap at them too! Also the thing with the bigger dogs is completely NOT my fault, clearly they are always threatening me, just their size is a threat!

But I digress, I came to live with this pack about a year ago, and I try to forget about all of that time before, even the number of years that came before is my business, suffice it to say I am a man of mature years. It took me a while to get settled into this new den, it seemed like every day I was abandoned forever and ever and they completely forgot me. I tried and tried to remind her that I was still here, but NO she still left. After a while she started giving me some magic peanut butter that made things oh so much better, and now I’m pretty sure she’s coming back sometime. Especially since I got my Gilly.

Gilly is my cat. I make sure he is clean and behaves right, and he keeps me company during the day. Sometimes we play, but most of the time we just sleep. Life is good!

Howdy, I’m Meya!
I was here first, so really it is MY den and MY pack, Oscar and Gilly have to listen to ME, even though I’m younger then that Oscar dog. My Sarah calls me the top Bitch, and itchy bitchy, but I just know that I’m in charge. Even the cat listens to me. I’m mostly poodle, but I’m no frou frou dog. You might not believe this, because my Sarah dresses me in silly clothes. But that is because of the itchiness! Oscar and I both have special diets, because apparently some foods make us itchy, but lots of other things make us itchy. Stuff in the air, in the grass, in the bed. I’m not sure I get it, but the shirt is supposed to help–it does make it harder to get a good scratch.

Unlike Oscar, I’m no lazy lay around dog, I like to run and play. Most folks think I’m still a puppy because they make me SO happy, or they think I’m really old when they hear I’m going blind. But at 4 yrs old, I’m in the prime of life, and no hazy vision is going to hold me back!


One response to “Meet the Dogs

  1. Hello,
    Your pets are adorable and I enjoyed reading about them. I too love my pets and wrote a book about them called Puppies for Sale $25.00. I would love your opinion on it. It will be available in all formats I am hoping in the next 30 days or less. It is available at in paperback form right now. I just started my blog and hope to get inspiration from other blogs such as yours. Thanks for sharing.
    Roe Pope

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