About Me

“Children want the same things we want: to laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.” Dr. Seuss

This quote actually is a pretty good summary of what my job is, to share books and activities that inspire children to learn, laugh, and listen to the stories in the world around us. Most days I really love my job, especially the parts where I get to spend with kids, or in putting together programs, or even reading, reviewing, and purchasing books I hope will engage them and assist them in their quest to discover. As a Youth Services Librarian in a small branch library, this isn’t all I do, but it is my favorite part.

I’ve also found, that my furry four legged friends want similar things, to play, to learn, to have treats, and to discover the world around them. When I moved out here to take this job, I adopted an adorable fluffy black poodle mix, she was joined about a half year latter by a grumpy brown dog of indeterminate age and breed. Recently the old brown dog, Oscar, adopted a cat.


2 responses to “About Me

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  2. Sorry about posting on your wall. I didn’t realize it was in the about me section!

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