Failed Foster Stories

Typically when people talk about failing as a foster, they mean they ended up adopting the dog, but my failure is a bit different.

Recently we had a little apricot poodle at the shelter, he was one of those nervous poodles who have been someone’s companion and are not used to being alone. Additionally, he’d never been housebroken fully–rather he appeared to be puppy pad trained. He’d been adopted and returned three or four times in a month, sometimes in a couple of days. Poor little guy was back at the shelter and an e-mail went out asking for help–he needed someone to really give him a chance. I’d helped the little guy get adopted to the family that had returned him last, so I’d gotten attached to the little guy. Maybe he could come stay here, learn to potty outside, and learn some independence from Oscar the pro at separation anxiety.

I sent an e-mail off, offering to foster him until someone could be found. Sure I was nervous, but I thought this could work–then I got the news. The little guy had been adopted! This one has taken–I met them at the farmer’s market and it was a match made in heaven. The little guy is going outside, plays with their dog, and more independent then I’d seen him. A foster failure!

The next foster failure was fairly similar. A little white poodle, had been adopted three different times and returned three times. One lady gave him just one day and brought him back because he was too clingy, another family because he was too rowdy with their family dog. He was a little guy, and I walked him for four hours with no one interested in adopting him. I suggested he might come home as a short term foster until he found the right home. They were packing up, and I ran to get the Oscar and Meya to make sure they got along. The three played and had a great time! Perfect. Then a family walked up to look at the dogs, they wanted Oscar (and who wouldn’t), but were looking for a small dog. They had little kids who loved the little white poodle–after all the stuff had been packed, the family decided to adopt him! Another foster failure!

I’m now thinking of offering my services to other dogs in need of foster homes, to see if they can get adopted before they even arrive in my house!


One response to “Failed Foster Stories

  1. I’m proud of you Sarah! Great work. Doesn’t matter how it comes about, just that it does!

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