Funny Favorites–Booktalks

Readers advisory is huge at my library, and is a constantly developing skill that I and all of the staff are working to perfect. While some kids are always looking for something new, most kids don’t care as much about the date on the book (unless it is the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid book) as long as it sounds interesting, has a good cover, and they haven’t read it yet. When kids want funny they could mean a whole range of things, from Captain Underpants to joke books to Bark, George . The most common request is for humorous realistic fiction, which may be because of the Wimpy Kid popularity. Here are three recommendations I make regularly for funny books that are likely to be on the shelf.

Punished! Punished is the story of a young boy who gets in trouble in the library for doing something a lot of kids think they can get away with until WHAM! He wasn’t yelling, or eating, or wearing books as hats in rainstorms. And it wasn’t the librarian who yelled at him–no it was the old man he ran into–quite literally. A mysterious old guy who curses him to only speak in puns until he learns a lesson. This seems fine–people are laughing until he realizes he can’t stop, and people aren’t laughing with him, their laughing at him! Logan has to make this stop–and once he tracks the old man down, he learns he has to complete three tasks to be free. Will he be doomed to pun his life away? Read Punished by David Lubar to find out, and you may just want to not run in the library, just in case.

The second funny book I recommend is Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar, but lately most kids have already read it. It is a classic and most kids LOVE it. Recently I found another great read alike for those Wayside fans. As soon as the copies I order come in, it will be a go to recommendation.

The Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary School Sometimes a class can be crazy, particularly when you and your classmates get into trouble. In the Fabled Fourth Graders of Aesop Elementary by Candice Fleming, these 4th graders are so naughty that they don’t think they can find a teacher willing to take them on. Just in the nick of time a brave explorer returns to take on the challenge, he’s taught wild monkeys, and visited peoples in far off lands, but can he face this fourth grade class? Join Mr. Jupiter as he takes on this crazy class and has new adventures throughout the year!


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