Non-Fiction Mondays What to Expect When You’re Expecting Joeys

What to Expect When You're Expecting Joeys: A Guide for Marsupial Parents (And Curious Kids) (Expecting Animal Babies) In an obvious follow up to the earlier title about Larvae, this volume tackles marsupials. While the format is very similar, I actually found this to be more informative and successful. The primary reason for that is that there are MILLIONS of different species of insects but only about 250 species of marsupials. Many of these are interrelated, which makes it easier to cover the life cycle of all the different varieties.

The downside to this book, as with the previous volume, is the balance of technical information with the format and the illustrations. The question and answer format is fun, the illustrations echo the amusing tone, but some of the vocabulary and detailed descriptions of giving birth are beyond what an entertainment seeker might want, particularly with the young audience attracted by the illustrations. For those kids doing serious research, this would be more difficult to use, it doesn’t have real pictures of the animals and it would be hard to find the specific information you might need.

Still, for collections in need of a general marsupial book this might be a fun choice.


2 responses to “Non-Fiction Mondays What to Expect When You’re Expecting Joeys

  1. I appreciate the review of this one. Thanks for taking part in today’s Nonfiction Monday event.

  2. What a clever idea for a series. Sounds fascinating! My favorite Marsipial book is by Nic Bishop. If you are not already familiar, check it out:

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