The Stories We Tell

For the first official week of the Summer Reading Program, we have a special guest presenter from the local Center for the Performing and Cultural Arts. She will be performing Native American Stories and teaching about Native American cultures. Because this was organized by the staff at the Main Library, I’m not completely clear on what this will involve, but I am planning some activities around the performer. They haven’t told us yet if she will speak to all ages, or just the older kids. We get birth to 11 years old participants, I’ll have my assistant plan a storytime/craft for the toddlers just in case.Some of these will be similar for each week, as we go over the same information.

We’ll open with welcoming the participants and asking them if they’ve signed up for the Summer Reading Program, if they’ve been doing their reading, and if they’ve claimed their prizes if they’ve been reading. It is amazing how many kids come to programs, but haven’t signed up yet. I also like to remind kids when the next activity will be, since they are alternating weeks.

After making announcements, I want to plug a few books on the topic, to encourage kids to keep reading and learning. When Turtle Grew Feathers: A Tale from the Choctaw Nation Muskrat Will Be Swimming The First Strawberries

Following this short book talk, we’ll send the toddlers over to the storytime cove for their stories, and then I’ll introduce our guest performers. I’m not sure how long they plan on taking, but probably no more then 30-45 min.

Depending on what exactly our guest performers plan, we’ll wrap up with a craft for the older kids in the auditorium, while the younger kids are outside finishing their craft. Right now I’m saving cardboard to make simple flannel boards. Kids will select a cardboard square, and glue flannel on one side. Then they can color card stock story pieces, we’ll have contact paper and velcro to allow kids to take home their own tools to tell a story on their own.


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