Younguncle Comes to Town

Younguncle Comes to Town Some of you might be lucky enough to have a really cool relative. Maybe an awesome aunt who plays all the coolest video games, a grandma who plays baseball, or a cousin who may just be a super hero. If you are lucky enough, you might get the chance to hang out with them a lot and hear their cool stories and get into adventures with them.

Sarita and Ravi and their baby sibling are just that lucky. Their father’s brother is coming to live with them. Known just as Younguncle, he joins their family house in northern India, where it is quite common for extended family to live together. After joining their household things start to get interesting for all three of the children, including the baby. Her goal in life is to eat an ENTIRE shirt of her uncle’s, which she almost achieves when a monkey comes and grabs it from her. The whole family is worried when the shirt is missing and the baby is found looking guilty, but the baby is fine, so everything appears normal, until a ghost appears to be haunting the town frighting everyone around. This leads to even further adventures as the dry season in Northern India brings out Younguncle to save the day and have some fun.

In Younguncle Comes to Town, Vandana Singh brings India to life through the exploits of Younguncle as he ranges through town, saving tigers, working with pickpockets, and helping his family out of a variety of situations. If you want to get a glimpse into growing up in a place far from here, check out Sarita and Ravi’s stories of their Younguncle.

Recommended for the Summer Reading Club, One World Many Stories. It would be a good choice for a family read aloud, or for good 3rd grade readers and up.


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  1. Another masterful book talk! Thanks for sharing these with me!

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