National Children’s Book Week: Three Little Pigs Party

This year we are celebrating National Children’s Book Week with an evening party focused on one of our favorite fables: The Three Little Pigs. Porcine fans everywhere will rejoice as we share stories, crafts, and a nifty contest.

For starters, I will invite four kids from the audience to come up on the stand and help me act out the story that most of the kids are familiar with, using masks and props.

The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Then I’ll read the True Story of the Three Little Pigs, by Jon Scieszka, and ask the kids what really happened. I may mention some of the other variations we have in the library, and encourage them to investigate all the different variations.

After that, I’ll introduce our three crafts and the connected activity:

  • Pig or Big Bad Wolf Mask
  • Toilet Paper Tube Pigs and Wolves from DLTK
  • Build a house using a template printed on card stock, and various supplies to make it more sturdy.

After the houses are built, and have some time to dry. We’ll have the big, bad wolf, AKA me, come and see which I can blow down. Those whose houses withstand my mighty force will get a prize. Additional prizes will be given out to the most creative and strongest pig palaces.


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