Once Upon a Time…

I had another blog. It was about libraries too. I started it when I had a short term job doing early literacy programs at a large library. After that I kept it up in fits and starts, posting about work, but I mostly used it for school.

Now I have a new blog, it is about lots of things. Books, dogs, the library, volunteering. Hopefully I’ll keep it going for longer and it will be useful for other people. I know I get great ideas from other blogs.

Well, I decided the two blogs should become one. I imported the old posts from my old blog. Hopefully now, like all good fairy tales, the two will live happily ever after. I’m posting now as Sarahofbooksdogsandfrogs, older posts are written as swegene1.

And because one thing I do different in this blog, as opposed to my previous endeavor, here is a picture of my princess and prince humps-a-lot.

Also sorry for any subscribers who may have got slammed with new posts. I didn’t realize that would happen. Please stick around, I promise I wont do it again!


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