(This book talk is for a fourth grade class)

Crunch When you don’t drive a car, gas prices don’t seem very important–since you don’t have to buy any! But the price of gas impacts everything, when it gets more expensive the price of other things raises. Everything you buy has to get to the store somehow, and that cost goes up, so you get to pay that cost. But even so, people still pay the money to get the gas. What would happen, though, if there was no more gas, no matter how much money you have?

In Crunch, by Lesile Connor, this is exactly what happens. And to make it even worse, Dewey Marris’ parents are stuck with the truck his dad drives way up north, with no hope of getting back unless gas becomes available again. So Dewey is left at home with his older sister and three younger brothers, two of whom are twin 5 yr olds. Not only that, he and his brother have to keep the family’s bike repair shop open, because with no gas everyone is turning to bike power to get around. Dewey doesn’t want to turn any one away, and since he is responsible he just keeps taking on more and more. But how much can one boy do, especially when things are disappearing, and there seems to be no hope his parents will return soon? Can he figure out who the thief is? Will his parents ever make it home?

Read Crunch, by Lesile Connor to find out what a world without gas would be like and to see if Dewey and his family can survive the crunch.

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2 responses to “Crunch

  1. Thank you for participating in Book Talk Tuesday! This is a wonderful book talk- and it could be used as a script- word for word! EXCELLENT! It makes me want to give it another read… if only there was more time!

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