Adoption Success…Think Adoption First

My work schedule doesn’t always permit me to help out at the weekend adoption events. So I was very excited to have the chance to come out this weekend. It was loads of fun, particularly because 4 5 dogs found their forever homes, I left about 45 min before they wrapped things up, and another dog was adopted after I left. That means 5 out of 8 dogs we brought went to new homes!

We’re particularly excited because the shelter we are working with has relaxed some of their policies to allow us to work directly with them to adopt animals. Since they opened a new countywide shelter, I think they are just starting to feel out how these adoption events will best work.

Here are three of the lucky dogs who went home this weekend:

Adrian was an absolute angel of a puppy. Found as a stray, he was probably 4 months old, but already could sit, walked pretty well on a leash, didn’t jump on people when greeting them, played well with other dogs, and had a wonderful calm temperament. This dog would just curl up in your arms if you picked him up. The guy who took him home wanted a Rottweiler, but fell in love when this dog curled up on his feet and tugged on his heart strings.

Rocky, found with Adrian, wandering down the street, and assumed to be his brother. More high spirited, Rocky bounced around the store, but still curled up with a good cuddle. Stole the heart of another couple, when he melted in their arms. He went home to chase some cows on their farm.

Abby was a little older, but just beautiful and calm. A couple who’d been in to look at the puppies, came back and took this little girl home with them.

There was one sad moment. One of the other volunteers is fostering a pit bull who had been dropped off at the shelter with all her puppies, two of whom subsequently died. The people who had dumped the dog off on the shelter showed up at the adoption event, apparently wanting their dog back. Even though they’d been unable/unwilling to take care of their dog, they now expected to be able to get their dog back, now puppy free. Fortunately, as a foster, these neglectful owners will not be able to get this wonderful dog back. It was heartbreaking to see how happy she was to see them, and how callous they were to the suffering she and her puppies had experienced.


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