Bunny Hop–Picture Book Round Up

A perfect spring time theme, bunnies are cute, funny, and have a lot of kid appeal. Cradling my bunny puppet in my arms, twitching it softly, all of the kids line up to give it a pet and ask if it is real, which of course it is. Where I live, rabbits are pets, and are almost never seen in the wild. The idea of a rabbit in the garden is one children are exposed to in books, not real life (true story, the only bunny I saw in the wild growing up here was someone’s pet, and it was followed by a group of kids trying to catch it). That said, bunnies are all kinds of fun!

This week was spring break so storytime was full of older siblings and grade school kids. My picture book round up thus has a few titles for older kids. Here are some bunny rabbit books for your enjoyment:

What's the Matter, Bunny Blue? What’s the Matter, Bunny Blue? Nicola Smee. Very cute story, particularly good for toddlers, I like to hide the missing family member and search. It doesn’t work in my room which is just a little cove, and opens to the main children’s room.

Knuffle Bunny:  A Cautionary Tale Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale, Mo Willems A classic for a reason!

What Does Bunny See?: A Book of Colors and Flowers What Does Bunny See?: A Book of Colors and Flowers Linda Sue Park, cute and colorful!

Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place Bunnies on the Go: Getting from Place to Place, Rick Walton. There are a whole series of these bunny books.

Rescue Bunnies Rescue Bunnies, Doreen Cronin. Funny, but the humor is for the older kids.

Rhyming Dust Bunnies Rhyming Dust Bunnies, Jan Thomas a fun read aloud, and a bunny is a bunny, right?

The Bunnies' Picnic The Bunnies’ Picnic Lezlie Evans. Another cute rhyming book, plus spring is good for picnics–there are also other bunny books by this author.

Zomo the Rabbit: A Trickster Tale from West Africa Zomo the Rabbit: A Trickster Tale from West Africa, Gerald McDermott. A relatively simple trickster tale, though cleverness/wisdom is something that even grade school kids don’t always get.

Hey, Rabbit! Hey, Rabbit!, Sergio Ruzzier. This bunny has a suitcase full of surprises for all of his friends–I like to imagine it is imagination, but it is fun!

Moon Rabbit, Natalie Russell. Beautiful illustrations, sweet story of friendship.

Duck! Rabbit! Duck! Rabbit!, Amy Krouse Rosenthal (one of my favorite authors ever) Whether or not it is it duck or a rabbit, it IS a lot of fun!

My Friend Rabbit My Friend Rabbit, Eric Rohmann, another simple story, yet fun, particularly for the littlest kids.

Little White Rabbit Little White Rabbit, Kevin Henkes. A new book, but super cute–can you imagine you are green, a rock, taller then a tree?

Lots of cute books this week–I was interested to notice in putting together this list that it has three of the four or so children’s authors I’ve actually met are on it. We did some fun finger plays, counted carrots, and jumped around like bunnies with our egg shakers. Then the kids made their own bunny puppets. It was lots of fun, and my niece came too, which made it the best!


5 responses to “Bunny Hop–Picture Book Round Up

  1. Martha Calderaro

    What a great bunny book roundup! Makes me want to grab a carrot and hop in!

  2. I love all your bunny books. I don’t know where you are, but we have many wild rabbits in the suburbs, especially here in Kentwood, Michigan. We were surprised our first year here when bunnies ate down our tulips, beans and anything else they see that’s tender and green. Bunnies are hopping around here, summer, spring and fall, scoping out our gardens, so the bunny in the garden is very real for us. In fact, we have to put up a three foot fence to protect our vegetables! I have a whole new appreciation for Mr. McGregor.

    • I live in Utah. There are jackrabbits out in the more undisturbed areas, but not in more settled areas. When I lived in Ohio, I’d see rabbits running around and just be flabbergasted. It is a whole different view of rabbits in a place where you don’t see them out running around.

  3. lessalibrarian

    awesome! my theme next week is bunnies. you totally helped 😀

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