Poetry Appreciation

Poetry is hard.

I love it, I really do, but it is not as easy as it seems
to write,
to read,
to understand.

Like my love of picture books, it comes with a greater appreciation for
the importance of each word,
the weight of whitespace,
the rhythm and the rhyme.

Whenever I think, oh I can do that, I’ll see
a book that doesn’t quite work,
a rhyme that falls on its face,
a type face ridiculously out of place.

So how, can I tell kids
poetry is for them,
there isn’t a wrong way,
ANYONE can do it,

if I’m not sure of my own skill?

Ok, so I was going to write a post about getting kids to write poetry, but then it sort of became a poem. I was feeling inspired by reading Sharon Creech’s Love that Dog last week. So here is my contribution. A poem on my frustration over poetry. Poetry Friday is hosted at Madigan Reads today, head on over to check out the other great poems!


One response to “Poetry Appreciation

  1. Love that Dog is one of my favorite books. Sharon Creech makes it look so easy, but at the same time is so encouraging. Glad you found a poem in your frustration!

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