Upcoming Storytime Themes

While I really love storytime, I’m not very good at planning ahead. I usually find myself the day of storytime looking at the kit and wishing I’d remembered to reserve that one favorite book I thought would be in there but isn’t. This is totally my fault because they give us the list of themes a long time in advance, but I never have the list with me when I’m thinking about it. No more! I’m going to post the themes here so I know what is when. It will also help me to get thinking of books. If anyone has any suggestions for titles that work well for pre-school storytime for these themes, suggest away!

April 7: Bunny Hop
April 14: Ha, Ha (I’m thinking funny stories)
April 21: Moms, Grandmas, and Aunts
April 28: Break Week–No Storytime!

May 5: Boo-hoo (I’m thinking sick days or injuries or crying or sad?)
May 12: Splish Splash (Bathtime? Water Fun?)
May 19: Letter G (things that start with G that sort of go together)
May 26: Far Away Places
June 2: Snakes
June 9: The Color Red
June 16: Dad’s, Grandpas, and Uncles

That takes us through the next eleven weeks of storytimes. Some of these themes leave a lot of wiggle room for interpretation, which is why it is hard sometimes to start thinking of them before the kit gets here. But it is a place to start! Any suggestions are welcome.


5 responses to “Upcoming Storytime Themes

  1. So you get a list of themes and order a kit for them? Or do you put together your own kit? I’m curious as to how exactly your storytime planning works. The preschool storytime I do is weekly and I plan in advance. Sort of. I did themes this winter/spring semester (january to may) and I did all animals! But last fall I did random themes and last summer I didn’t do any themes. This summer I’m reworking my preschool storytime as “Preschool Interactive” and I’m probably not going to bother with themes but work more on incorporating storytelling and movement and art.

  2. The list of themes is written by the folks at the main branch, they put it on the storytime flier. Then we get the kit a week before storytime. The kit is also put together at the main library. We are supposed to just use the books in the kit and stay on the theme. They are more flexible about us using books not in the kit, but we are supposed to stay on theme. I think the idea is that the staff at the main library have more time to spend on putting the kits together, and that less time is spent system wide if one person creates the kits and everyone does the same storytime. They even make outlines of how we are supposed to structure the storytime.

    Personally, I find that the quality varies in the book selection, and I usually structure all my storytimes the same, so I don’t spend much time with the outlines. My standard outline and that in the kit are basically the same. 1. Hello song, 2. introduction to theme, 3. story 1, 4. finger play, flannel, or action song , 5. story 2, 6. finger play, flannel, or action song, 7. story 3 8. Music and Movement songs with instrument. I also try to throw in mentioning ready to read skills, and sign language. (both things we’re required to mention) We also do a craft or have a coloring sheet, included in the kits.

    What I really need to do is start requesting books that go with the theme before I get the kit–I always just stupidly think the books I will want will be in there. If I had more control over how I did storytime, I’d probably do it different. I used to work in a system that was much more flexible, and I still like to add my own things in–like creative dramatics, fold and tell stories, and other storytelling activities. The problem is that they want us to spend the least amount of time possible on storytime prep–today I had 45 min from arriving at work, setting up, looking at the kit, to putting on storytime.

  3. Wow, that was long. I should have just made a new post. Sorry!

  4. Huh, interesting. I never really worked in youth services at the multi-branch level. You’ve reminded me why I went for a small library (-:) I plan all my programs a semester at a time – Jan-May, June-Aug, Sep-Dec. but if I’m not in the mood or something goes wrong I’ll change things at the last minute. Flexibility, I has it!

  5. I hope my library system doesn’t hear about the kit method! They are already making all kinds of crazy changes to “save” us trouble and time, but it’s taking away all the fun things I love about my job! I’m glad you have found ways of keeping it fun. 🙂

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