Picky Eaters

Oscar does usually eat on the couch, so Meya can't take his food.

Before I adopted Meya and Oscar, I assumed that most dogs were like vacuum cleaners, inhaling whatever food they were given. Our family dog was like that for most of his life, only when he was old and sick did he stop eating. My dogs are not like that.  Put food in front of them and they may ignore it and wait for a better option, or do anything of a range of silly food related actions. Both of the dogs will sometimes not eat for two or more days, to the point where they throw up stomach bile. I can’t leave food out all the time any more, because Gilly the cat eats it and then throws up all over the place. So the dogs get food only when the cat is out of the room.

Meya is a mover. When she finally eats she’ll take a mouthful of food to a corner, eat it and run back and grab more. If she had her way, she’d eat from both bowls, running back and forth. She doesn’t much like the food, and will eat it from her bowl, but if I give her a bit, she’ll take it and put it on the ground.

Oscar is a dog food monster, like the cookie monster. He doesn’t use his teeth much to eat, rather taking food and rolling it around his mouth and every couple of pieces he spits it out. Lately he’ll only eat after he spills the food on the carpet or if he is handed it a piece at a time.

Since the two are so picky, I’ve come up with a couple of ways to get them to eat. They are stuck with this food, but I do my best to make it more delicious:

  • Add water and heat it for 15 seconds. It makes it smelly and easier to eat.
  • Add a little pumpkin, you can also heat it. Make sure to stir well so the dogs don’t just eat the pumpkin.
  • Add some plain yogurt and stir well.
  • Other things can also be added to make the food more delicious: creamed meats like baby foods or some soft dog foods.

The benefit to adding the yogurt and pumpkin is that it also can help with digestive issues, as well as being tasty. I’ve tried adding pieces of chicken or veggies, but the dogs eat those and not the food.


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