Love These Dogs

Love That Dog Recently I read Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, which did make me cry right there in my office on my lunch break. Not to spoil the ending or anything but something bad may or may not have happened to Jack’s dog. It is a powerful and simple book, and a perfect reminder of the way a few words can communicate so much more clearly sometimes then a rush of words. That is something I forget, when I can type, type, type to try to be clear, when more words just muddle things up.

So here is my poem, inspired by Sharon Creech, who was inspired by Walter Dean Myers

Love These Dogs

Love these  dogs like a bear loves  honey
I said I love these dogs
like a bear loves honey
Love to come home in the evening
love to come home
to see them dance so funny

Ok, so it isn’t great. But it is also my first poem since grade school. Plus it is true, and my dogs really do a crazy dance when I come in at night.
If you love poetry I recommend you read Walter Dean Myers’ hauntingly beautiful original poem, or the lovely story of Jack and his dog by Sharon Creech.

Poetry Friday is hosted at The Poem Farm today, stop by and check out all the other awesome poems!


2 responses to “Love These Dogs

  1. Our dog does this dance too! She runs from her chain, loops around the yard, digs up a bone, and throws it high to welcome us! Thank you for bringing this image forward for me. A.

  2. Yes that book is great and so is Myers’ poem! I love yours too. The photo is so cute and that’s a great ending!

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