Book Talk versus Review

In my mind a book talk is vastly different from a review, both in purpose and in execution. When I’m trying to sell a book to someone I want to hook them in, entice them into finding out more, whet their appetite so they can try it and see if they like the book. A review, on the other hand, should tell me more about the book, enough so that I know pretty much what I’m getting and if I’m going to like the book. I use reviews to add books to the library collection, and I appreciate honesty and thoroughness. I don’t mind spoilers or critical reviews, in fact I LOVE critical reviews, and I prefer publications like The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books that will tell me if a book is middle of the road or even not worth my money.

With a booktalk, however, I assume that the person telling me about the book thinks that it is worth reading, otherwise why are they trying to get me to read it? I follow the rule of only booktalking books I like, mostly because it is hard to do otherwise.

I bring this up because another blogger has started up a Book Talk Tuesday and I want to join in (yay a meme!), but needed to first clear the air about what I will be writing. Book talks are the description that sells the book, that hooks the reader, that drags that kid into the library to ask what was in the kitchen. I may only need to read one review of a book to know if I’ll like it or need to buy it, but I can read more than one book talk to see more ways to sell a book to different people.


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