Cat the Cat, Who is that?

Last year, a fantastic new early reader series was released by your friend and mine Mo Willems! (He of the amazing Knuffle Bunny (K-nuffle), and Elephant and Piggie.) In this new series, Willems writes for the earliest of early readers, with simple stories and repetative language. While there are some aspects I think might be too difficult for these beginners, overall they are charming and fun.

Cat the Cat, Who Is That? The heroine of the series is a plucky little girl named, appropriately, Cat the Cat. Unlike some cats, she is a friendly feline, who happily speaks with all sorts of animals.

I also have a Cat the cat, except it is a he. Like Willem’s character, my Cat the cat is friendly and has no fear approaching strange creatures. He is also quite vocal about what he wants! Cat the cat is a recent addition to the menagerie, and spends most of his time with Oscar and Meya. I think that the dogs think of the cat as theirs to boss around, groom, and generally play with how they will. The relationship between Oscar and Cat the cat is unhealthy. Oscar is the dirty old man, to Cat the cat’s youthfulness. I need not say more.


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