The Snack Smasher and Other Reasons Why it’s Not my Fault

Illustrated poetry books for kids are one of my favorite things. They don’t always circulate a lot here, because they are tucked back in the far reaches of the non-fiction with dusty volumes of the greatest works of Western Authors. Every so often I pull them all out and put them on a table at the front of the children’s room and watch them fly off the display. I find that the books dedicated to one poem, like All the World, by Liz Scanlon, are nearly interchangeable with the picture books that are so popular here. But many of my favorites are the humorous poem collections that could best be enjoyed by older kids. I’m hoping to include some of these gems on future book talks. Here is one of my favorites: The Snack Smasher and Other Reasons Why it’s Not my Fault, by Andrea Perry and illustrated by Alan Snow.

The Snack Smasher: And Other Reasons Why It's Not My Fault This zany collection of poems about the creatures that make things go wrong is perfect for the school age kid who knows that there is a reason that lids are lost and hair is disproportionatly messy the next morning. I particularly like “The Locker Destroyer,” whose sibling the office clutterer visits me nightly. Here is a sample:

The Locker Destroyer by Andrea Perry, photo by Pylon757

In every school building
there lurks an annoyer
more commonly known as
the Locker Destroyer.

She watches with rapture
as pupils deposit
their backpack belongings
in each metal closet.

Then once they’ve departed
and left her alone,
she wreaks the destruction
for which she is known.

Not one single item
is left in its place,
not even an oboe
or clarinet case!

All students be cautious!
You may need protection
when lockers are opened
for teacher inspection!

Poetry Friday is hosted today at A Wrung Sponge

One response to “The Snack Smasher and Other Reasons Why it’s Not my Fault

  1. what a fun looking collection, and a great poem to showcase it. off to hunt for it now!

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