Adopt the Internet

Remmy is at the same shelter Oscar came from, poor guy needs a new home. See him and others at:

Today is the 15th of March and is celebrating its 15th year. Petfinder is one of the most amazing things to happen to the pet rescue business. I know this from personal experience. Two years ago, when I was preparing to move across the country and buy a house, I poured over Petfinder, looking at all the adorable dogs up for adoption. One of my criteria when selecting a house was that it have a dog friendly, preferably fenced back yard, so I could adopt a dog. The house I bought had a fully fenced back yard, is on a tree lined street, where nearly every home has at least one dog. On walks around the neighborhood, dogs being walked outnumber people two to one.

Lilly is from the rescue I adopted Meya from, they do a lot of good work. Check out Lilly and the other pets they have available at:

After only a week in my new house, before I even bought any furniture, I was online pouring over the Petfinder ads. I was certain it would take a lot of looking to find the perfect dog for me, but that was ok, because this was a big decision and I wasnt sure what kind of dog I wanted. On that first Saturday in my new home, I saw a face I couldn’t resist. A black dog simply covered with curls, with a big grin on her face. The note said that dogs from this rescue were always at the local Petco on Saturday afternoons. Well, I was sure she wouldn’t still be there, after all who could resist that face! But it seemed like a good chance to see what dogs were available, and I had to go grocery shopping anyway.

So imagine my surprise when Meya was still there, and I was able to adopt her on the spot.

Petfinder helped me adopt my first dog, and I hope that it can help a lot of other people to find the perfect dog for them. I think petfinder is the perfect resource for those who want to get a specific type of dog, or who don’t like the thought of going to dozens of different shelters to look for that perfect dog or cat. Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day


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