Congratulations to Meya!

When I adopted a bouncy furry ball of energy, I had no idea what was in store for the two of us. I remind myself that though she is “special needs,” in reality she is very healthy. It is one of those things that I forget because it seems like I’m always at the vet.

The first visit was just a week after I’d adopted her, when she hadn’t eaten anything yet. Probably an over reaction, but it got the ball rolling. We went back shortly there after, when she had ear infections, and sores on her face and neck from scratching constantly. These visits continued, until she was diagnosed with allergies and started on various medications to try to combat the symptoms.

Despite the sores and the itchiness, she remained so energetic that I almost didn’t notice that her eyes were changing. One of the symptoms of allergies is discharge in the eyes and a film and excessive eye goobers is one of Oscar’s constant allergy indicators. When I finally did notice something different, I called the vet who said it probably was allergy related—she’d had discharge from her eye earlier and it hadn’t been anything. But when her eye remained filmed for two weeks, I brought her in to see the vet. He took a good look and said it was cataracts, and referred us to a specialist.

The vet ophthalmologist did various tests and told me that she had a mature cataract in one eye, which completely obscured her vision there, and a presumably rapid forming cataract in the other eye. The prognosis seemed dire, Meya at not quite 4 yrs old would be completely blind. While surgery is possible, I don’t possess the resources either money or time wise to handle the expensive and labor intensive process (recovering dogs can require dozens of eye drops given at hourly intervals throughout the day.)

Five months later, Meya has not lost any more sight, the pressure on her eye is healthy, and she remains as happy and active as ever. Showing that nothing can keep a good dog down. She also finally graduated from basic training and will start intermediate training at the end of the month. So congratulations to Meya, for a great month!

It is hard to take a good picture of a black dog, especially a hyper one. But you can see the cataracts a little.


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