Stoned Oscar is Stoned

sad Oscar with his e-collar and incision Oscar is back, as grumpy as ever. But he is not quite out of the fog from the drugs, so he stumbles around and sort of looks vague. At least he has stopped shaking since he got home, but he is still wimpering, which they said he did all day. The vet tech said she hadn’t seen him try to lick the incision, but that was the first thing he tried when he got home. I’m just glad Oscar made it through the procedure, and is now lump free (it wasn’t cancerous or malign, but the vet recommended it be removed), with shinny clean teeth.

He seems unsettled and distraught, not enough to warrent a visit to the ER, but I cancelled my evening plans to keep an eye on him. Though the vet said no food or water tonight, he is VERY hungry, and tried to swipe Meya’s food and inhaled the small amount of soften food I gave him. Now he is making continuous whinning/weazing noises (not an uncommon noise for him, just its persistance, he usually gives up and licks his feet).


2 responses to “Stoned Oscar is Stoned

  1. lessalibrarian

    It’s always so heartbreaking when they have to have surgery! I think the cone makes it especially worse because they look so much more fragile (and kind of funny) with it on. When my cat, Pele, got cuts on her skin from grooming and they put her in her cone of shame, we oscillated between feeling so sad for her and thinking she looked adorable (once the drugs had worn off and we knew she was going to be okay).

    I hope Oscar feels better! poor puppy

  2. Thanks, he is back to his normal grumpy self. Though he keeps trying to lick his wound, and the ecollar is not the right size, so he almost can get it.

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