Oscar at the Vet

Oscar is at the vet today to get his teeth cleaned and a lump removed. The dental exam is routine, but anesthesia is scary and Oscar is an anxious little dog, who hates with a passion to be in a crate/cage. I know it is something I should try to help him overcome, but in the year I’ve had him he has caused himself injury. He is better then he was when first out of the shelter, but it is hard to leave him. As I walked out the door, Oscar shook and whinned.

So today I’m waiting to hear from the vet about Oscar’s prognosis, so send good thoughts Oscar’s way. I’ll post more later about preventative care like this.


2 responses to “Oscar at the Vet

  1. My human and I send our best wishes for Oscar’s prog. Tell him Sandy says he’s lucky – It’s obvious he has a human who really loves him.

  2. Thanks Sandy! I got a call from the vet just now, and Oscar did just fine! Though he must really be out of it, because they said he was a sweetheart, when he is really a grouch.

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