Outreach Overload

This year my resolution was to contact local schools and find ways to get into the class room or at least have them promote my programs there. I work in a fairly well off suburb, with probably three elementary schools within walking distance. But for the first year and a half of my time here, I had only done maybe three school visits and had two classes visit here. Mostly we have boy scouts and preschools coming for tours.

So at the first of the year I boldly sent off e-mails to the teachers in the elementary schools in the area, any e-mail I could find. I told them about our programs, and inviting them to contact me if they wanted me to visit. When I’d done this before, at a previous job, I’d received one e-mail back. This time I got at least 20 e-mails, some with thanks, but many wanting a visit, and the calls and e-mails keep coming in.

Success has meant trying to schedule visits in the meager hours of time I can escape the branch (ironically the one day that I have mostly free is the district’s early release day), but it has also meant many new programs to come up with to share. Since I didn’t really expect much of a response, I didn’t have scheduling requirements in mind. Now I’ve got to find a way to keep teachers inviting me, without having to constantly squeeze time out of a schedule stretched tight.

Any suggestions for good ways to communicate scheduling issues, while still encouraging teachers to invite us into the classroom?



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