Frogs Preschool Storytime

This week at the center we had frogs for our preschool storytime, it was fun and I got to try out some new storytelling techniques.

We opened up with a Jim Gill song–I Can’t Wait to Celebrate! And then did a little introduction to frogs, what they eat, how they move, how they eat, and so on.

I then read Karma Wilson’s Frog in a Bog–I love the rhyme, but the pictures SUCK. Really, it is hard to see what you are saying, so one has to do a lot of pointing out. A Frog in the Bog

Then we were going to do Raffi’s 5 Green and Speckled Frog, but ended up doing Jumping and Counting to get the wiggles out.
After that I read Down by the Cool of the Pool by Tony Mitton, which is an amazing storytime book, with all kinds of fun actions for the kids to make as the story is told. Down by the Cool of the Pool

I then presented a fold and tell story for the kids, of the Rain Hat. It involved folding paper to make a rain hat, then a firefighter hat, then a pirate hat, and then a boat, which we all rode in until it crashed and became a life jacket. It was really funny because a kid in the audience was actually wearing a pirate hat.

After that we sang the Wiggleworm’s Row, Row, Row your boat, which involved tied in with the fold and tell.

Our final element was a creative dramatic of the book Rainy Day Puddle, RAINY DAY PUDDLE which is a much better creative dramatic then a book. The kids acted out the animal sounds then one character jumped in as the other kids made rain sounds.


One response to “Frogs Preschool Storytime

  1. How does the story and the folding go for the pirate/firefighter/rain hat story? I can’t find this anywhere!

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