Family Story Time–The Most Wonderful Egg

Today I helped out with the Family storytime. It was my first time doing a storytime with such an anticipated age range, apparently sometimes there are birth to age 8 there. Today most of the kids were 3-8yrs old, which is still an age range, but meant fewer kids running around.

Our theme for the day was the Egg, even though it is a week after Easter, it is still nice to have a spring related topic. Since it was a really nice day outside, we started off with a boat ride and sang “Row, Row Row Your Boat,” on one of the Wiggleworms cds.

Following the opening song I read Daisy and the Egg by Jane Simmons. The kids enjoyed it and we did some actions to go along with the story, it was a little scary when Mama Duck seems determined to leave the unhatched sibling behind, but we were all happy when Daisy’s brother hatched! Daisy and the Egg (Gujarati-English)
Following the book, the librarian I was doing the story in tandem with and I presented a puppet show version of the Most Wonderful Egg It was a success, both the parents and the kids seemed to enjoy the puppets and the story.

From the puppet show we did a song “If you’re happy and you know it” from the same Wiggleworms CD.

After the song, we shared another story Guji Guji, which the other librarian really brought to life with her scary crocodile voices. Even I was a little scared! Guji Guji (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards))

We then threw in some  finger popping, as it is a must have at these storytimes.

I finished with my very first Draw and Tell story–it was about a bird who wants a family and builds a nest, gets another bird to join him, and then finds an egg in their nest. Only it turns out to be a Dinosaur, and so does the picture! One kid commented it was “magic” when I turned the page over to reveal what the baby was!

It was a fun storytime, and even the older kids seemed to really be engaged with the stories.


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