Baby Laptime–Ducks

This past Monday I had the opportunity to do Baby Laptime. It was sort of short notice, as the person who usually does the BLT was out sick. The theme was Ducks, which was a lot of fun and pretty easy.

We started out with the Baby Hop, a traditional opening song from the Diaper Gym CD.

Then a big stuffed duck puppet came out to introduce our theme, and then we read Duckie’s Rainbow Duckie's Rainbow
We then sang Raffi’s version of Six Little Ducks–which isn’t my favorite version. Next time I don’t think I will use this version as my singing range does not mesh well with Raffi.

After the singing we did a flannel of the five little ducks who went out to play. This was fun for some of the older siblings as well as the babies.

Then we did a version of Old MacDonald with puppets, and not a cd. Fortunately the parents were willing to jump in and help sing.

We finished with a duck related finger play and Skinnamarink.


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