Veggies and Gardens–Toddler Storytime

For my first two weeks at the Center For Discovery, I am doing toddler storytimes. The first week I did it with Ann the CFD’s guru of the toddlers. It was very interesting because we looked through two different storytime kits before we settled on a theme, and even then it was an interesting choice for the age group. We did a veggie and gardening theme, which was somewhat similar to the garden theme I did with preschoolers earlier, but there was a different emphasis for the younger group.

We started out with a Song: Clap Your Hands.

Then Ann and I introduced the theme by talking about the veggies that are our favorites. We had very realistic looking props,  and traded off who was talking.

 I presented the Ready to Read skill of Vocabulary, and encouraged parents and caregivers to teach new words during ordinary times like at the grocery store by saying them with their kids.

I then transitioned into an AWESOME Book, Keith Baker’s Potato Joe, Potato Joe

We sang: In My Garden–Raffi, which I had done before, but the kids enjoyed.

As part of my goal to do more flannel stories, I did the flannel/prop Story of Picky Paul. It was fun, and the kids loved to say “No I WONT!” and liked the pizza too!

After that we did Preschool Aerobics Fingerpopping, the toddlers’ anthem, and a riot of fun.

Ann finished the storytime off with reading Growing Vegetable Soup, Growing Vegetable Soup and an extension activity where the kids acted it out and then picked laminated veggies that they put in a big soup pot.

As a whole it was a lot of fun, and the three storytimes we did this program for were really well attended.


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