Mothers–A Toddler Storytime!

For my solo toddler storytime, I decided to stick with a tried and true theme that toddlers could understand and relate to. Since it is Spring and Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I decided to do a storytime on Mothers. There are a lot of good books on this topic, but as usual toddler friendly books can be more difficult. I overcame the tendency to be slightly too long by paper clipping some pages to help kids stay focused!


I started off with a very short intro, and mentioned that moms are one of my favorite things, and that we would have stories, songs, and finger plays about them.


We then did some Jumping and Counting with Jim Gill.

My first book was a new one that we just received: Please Pick Me Up, Mama!by Robin Luebs Please Pick Me Up, Mama! it was a bit long, so I clipped some of the pages.

We then did a fingerplay about how much we love our Mom:

A Mom’s a special lady,

So hug her every day, (hug self)

She gives you lots of food to eat (mime eating food)

And takes you out to play (mime playing)

Your mother reads you stories every day (make book with hands)

Aren’t you happy that you have

A Mom who loves you in each and every way? (hug self or mother) modified from: 1001 Rhymes and Fingerplays

I then introduced a song about gifts for our Mothers, we had baby bumblebees, baby dinosaurs, baby crocs and baby grizzle bears, we sang it using the “Gifts for Mommy” on the Toddlers on Parade CD. 

I was going to do the flannel Mother, I want another, but it was missing, so I did “My Mother is Lost” in which a little bunny has lost his mother, and various animals say they might be his mother because they share various characteristics with his mother.

Then we did the perennial favorite Finger popping, without which toddler storytime would not be complete! We had some new kids, so we did more introduction then usual.

Our final book is Mama’s Little Bears, by Nanci Tafuri, which is cute and simple: Mama's Little Bears 

I did a simple extension activity where a big Mama bear puppet came and introduced herself to the storytime group, and we helped her find her cubs, which were hidden around the room. “We sang a simple song: where oh where have my little bears gone, oh where oh where could they be?”

For a take-away we had baby bumblebees the children could take home with them to give to their mothers and practice singing the song!


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