Bathtime–Preschool Storytime

Bathtime is a staple of storytime, suitable for babies to preschoolers, which can make it hard to find ways to get kids excited. We sure had fun at this storytime, I wore my bathrobe the whole time, which was very hot, but set the silly mood! I’d planned on reading a different set of books, and doing a different activity, but at the last moment switched it up. I like it this way better.

Intro: Bathtime stuff, (I came dressed in my bathrobe, and pulled out all kinds of bath stuff from my pockets, and trusty basket: a Bath towel, sponge, soap, shampoo, rubber ducky) We also spelled BATH, to work on R2R

Opening Song: Jump Up, Jim Gill

Book: Squeaky Clean Simon Puttock Squeaky Clean

Song/Action Rhyme: This is the way we wash our (hair, arms, feet, leg, take suggestions) sung to Around the Mulberry Bush

Song: “I took a bath in the washing machine,” Jim Gill

Book: Who’s in the Tub? Sylvie Jones

Flannel Story: Rub a Dub-Dub, who’s in the tub! Based off a book–a boy finds various animals behind the bubbles in his tub. The flannel actually looks a lot better then the book–which has kind of strange illustrations.

Song: Milkshake, Songs for Wiggleworms

Book: Big Smelly Bear , Britta Teckentrup Big Smelly Bear

Craft: Give Bear a Bath (Kids colored and then cut out a picture of a bear, pasted it in a picture of a bath, and then decorated it with cotton ball bubbles and a yellow rubber ducky sticker)


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