Animal Houses–Preschool Storytime

Over the past couple of months doing Preschool Storytime here, I’ve found that the kids are eager to learn and know most of the basics we usually cover in storytime. This allows me the opportunity to introduce them to new ideas, and teach them new words and concepts. Thus when the theme “Houses” came around, I decided to focus on where animals live.
Here is my plan:


Opening Song: Jump UP, Jim Gill


Introduction: Puppets looking for homes (I use a large wicker basket full of props to introduce most of my storytimes, for this I had puppets of: a bear, a beaver, a bird, a bunny, and a bee. Kids identified what the animal was, and where it lived, and shared facts they knew. One girl knew LOTS about bees!)


Here I talked about learning new words–told parents that introducing new words was an important ready to read skill.


Book: Where to Little Wombat? Charles Fuge (Has new types of animals that kids are less familar with) Where To, Little Wombat?


Song: Milkshake Song, Songs for Wiggleworms


Book: A New House for Mouse A New House for Mouse


Flannel: Better Move on Frog–based loosely on the book by Ron Marris. Frog finds lots of houses, but each time he tries to see if they would make good homes for him, he finds out a different animal lives there. (we knocked on the door, and made animal sounds) Finally he finds a hole that is perfect, once some water fills it up.


Song: Jumping and Counting, Jim Gill (not everyone can jump, and not everyone can count, but everyone can try one or the other!)


Book: The Doghouse, Jan Thomas (I cut this one out when I was doing the storytime, as it was getting too long)
The Doghouse

Fingerplay:  My Turtle

This is my turtle
Hold fist in front of you
He lives in a shell

cap hand with other hand to make shell
He likes his home very well
wiggle hand
He pokes his head out when he wants to eat
Push thumb out of fist
And pulls it back in when he wants to sleep
Pull thumb back in


Craft: Turtles (paper plates, with head, tail and feet, kids decorated the turtle’s house)

Overall it was a very successful storytime, with about 35 kids and parents in attendance! I provided copies of all the books I used, and most of them were checked out!


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