Salt Lake City Library


The second library system that I am looking at for my final project is the city library in Salt Lake City. A smaller system, it serves a population of around 200k, through five branches and a central library. Their annual circulation is around 3.4 million.

The Salt Lake City system subscribes to at least 40 databases, some of which are made available through partnership with Utah’s Pioneer Online State Library system.  This cooperative system allows academic, k-12 school libraries, and public libraries to spread the cost of expensive databases around to more systems.

This smaller system was selected to illustrate different approaches to using some of the same shared resources from the shared state library system (which the county system also utilizes) as well as to contrast with the smaller library system in Ohio that I will also be reviewing. Another reason to look at this system is its position in an urban environment, serving a large ESL population, which is reflected both in its electronic and physical presence.

In looking at this system, my first questions focus on what electronic resources they offer, what pathways they have to enter them, and what sorts of explainations they have of how to use them and why people would want to use them. I’m particularly interested in how these things are directed towards children and their caregivers.


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