Ten Random Things about Me

I am a pretty random person, and I talk too much, a lot of it about myself (sorry folks, I’m working on it!) So this activity should be right up my alley. BUT I pretty much have said all the interesting random things about me already. That means this might not be interesting or new, but here it goes:

  1. I enjoy travelling but have no sense of direction, and so have wound up lost in various major cities and even a jungle once.
  2. My favorite book is Ender’s Game, I have read it dozens of times, and once met Orson Scott Card.
  3. I’m always discovering new hobbies and then finding out I have no time or space for them. Last year it was beading, year before it was keeping fish (which I still do), and this year it is a little bit of everything including keeping snakes.
  4. I’m adicted to Diet Coke.
  5. I grew up in a suburb in Utah, way back before it became an enormous suburb.
  6. When I have time, I watch all kinds of courtTV, and love both the people’s court and the real life mysteries.
  7. My room mate and I try to out do each other in finding awesomely bad movies and watching them, while making fun of them.
  8. I eat at Bob Evans way too much.
  9. I have three sisters and a brother, three younger and one older, who all live across the country.
  10. Someday I’d like to take up photography, but right now I kind of stink at it, particularly taking pictures of my snakes and fish. (They just don’t stay still!)

3 responses to “Ten Random Things about Me

  1. My son shares your same favorite book. His screen name is Enderfan (with a bunch of numers after it I can never remember.) Our family vacation motto is: “It’s not a real vacation until we’re lost.” We’ve never been lost in a jungle, but we were lost in Walt Disney World’s parking lot–could not find the way out. I will never live that one down!

  2. I too love to talk so don’t fee bad. I’m totally with you on the new hobbies thing. I’m currently trying not to buy resin and start making my own jewelry. Who will win out my craftiness or practicality(not spelled rite I no) the world may never know.

  3. a great list diet coke is my preferred afternoon pick-me-up

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