Being Cool

I’m not cool, and most days I’m satisfied with that. Sometimes I wish I were cooler, but I know that that wish takes me even further away from “cool.” I once read (in a really stupid airline magazine, for a good example of how uncool I am) that people who are actually cool are those who don’t want to be, but by wanting to be cool you automatically remove yourself from the possibility.

Anyway, this had a point, which was that people who blog or podcast, must at some level want to be cool. I say this because there is some assumption on the part of the creator of the blog/podcast that their content is interesting enough that someone else will want to read it/listen to it. (I acknowledge my desire to be cool, and to get a flashdrive)

I confronted this reality for two reasons today: one is that podcasts are thing 21, and two that another blog I follow linked my blog. This last thing led to a giddy thrill of excitement, even if it was a reciprocal link.

Podcasts are something I’ve never really understood–sure I get the concept of how it works, and in some cases why, but for the most part I’d rather read something then hear it. I do think it is great for distributing library events to those who couldn’t attend. I found a couple public libraries that podcast some of their adult and YA programing–like author visits, so those who couldn’t attend could hear the author. I found a great list–on the best practices wiki of libraries using podcasts.

I don’t know that I want to subscribe to a podcast–as I said I’d rather read most information, but I know how and can even see the advantage in some cases.


One response to “Being Cool

  1. Believe me when I write that it works both way. I started blogging at the behest of friends who loved the stories I told about the Library. I never thought that anyone would actually read the thing.

    As far as cool goes… I think that everyone wants to be “cool” at some level. These days I’m just trying to keep my sanity. The coolest person I ever knew was my father’s father… He was as witty as Oscar Wilde and in his youth was the world featherweight boxing champ. Be Well!

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