YouTube, Guilt, and Cornsnakes

Well, I honestly never thought I’d see the day when I could concievably watch youtube, when I was supposed to be working and not feel guilty. And actually that day is not today, so maybe I was right. Even though this is a learn and play thing I still feel bad watching Youtube at work. Mostly that is because I don’t have headphones or a dollar, so other people have to hear at least a little. But it just doesn’t feel remotely productive.

I am doing this on my lunch, and well…I don’t need to explain myself really! Urg, anyway, I don’t normally use YouTube that much, more just when someone links it or recommends it. Occasionally I’ll look up funny library clips.

Today’s library clip is brought to you by SnakeBytesTV, who follows me on Twitter. I had never heard of them before that, but I suppose they found me by searching people who were interested in snakes. I had someone add me because I said I like fish–they were about fish sure enough, CATCHING and EATING them! Somehow not the same thing as aquarium fish! Anyway, without further ado–Cornsnakes on Snakebytes (which is pretty good, though they call Amels Albinos and Anerys Blacks, even though both are technically Albino, and the Anerys are not so black)


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