Discovering 2.0 Tools

Learn and Play has pretty much all been about discovering Web 2.0 tools, so when I saw that number 17 involved discovering 2.0 tools I wondered what new angle they had found on the subject. Well, it turns out there are groups that aggregate all sorts of tools into one place and allow users to vote for which are the best and most popular. For this week, we are encouraged to explore some and see if they are useful/interesting.

Now, many of the tools we have already used are on this list, as well as less popular versions of the same type of tool. So I can’t say I’ve never heard of them, or that all the tools were useless. What I can say, is that I had no desire whatsoever to sign up for another web 2.0 tool. I may just be jaded about the whole 2.0 thing, or irritated at making yet another user profile/password/yadda yadda. But for thing #17 I’ve discovered that sometimes it is better to enjoy what you have and not go looking for more.

After all, I’m still discovering new ways to use the tools I have signed up for–so that is where I am focusing my attention. And, many of the tools I use are on that list, even if I didn’t discover them from the list.


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