Google Everything

I remember back in 2000 or so, I was studying for a brief time in College Park, and every week I took the green line into DC to work in the library of a little museum. It was a good experience, both the commuting and working in the library. The reason I am relating this expereience, is that I seem to have a dim fuzzy memory of that time (it also could have been in the spring of 2001, when I was in England, it is a dim memory) of seeing a sign for something with a strange spelling and lots of “o”s in it. I do believe I was seeing “google” for the first time, though I had no idea what it was or how it would take over everything. I just remember seeing the word and wondering if this was some strange big city thing that we would never know back in the suburb where I was born.

Now, however, google is everywhere. Not just the search engine, but the google mail, the google blogs, the google documents, and google reader. Its apparent all pervasiveness makes me reluctant to like it, but it is very useful, so I do. In fact, I just switched to google reader, because I wasn’t getting all my updates on bloglines *sigh*.

Anyway, “thing 17” is discover web-based aps, like those on google. Which, I have already discovered during one of my on-line classes. It was very nice to work on a group project for an on-line class, where participants lived far away, and we could all access and contribute to the document. I also like the google callendar, and think it could be useful in a number of ways, but only with people of equal technological skills and attitudes. Using google documents isn’t hard, but requires a new outlook on technology and a trust that some patrons might not possess.


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