Multi-purpose blogs

I started this blog way back in the spring, when I was working in a transitional job and actively looking for a full time job. It was my way of keeping track of my professional development in the temporary job and served as a way to demonstrate some of the things I was working on for potential employers. While I found a full time job, I continue to use the blog to showcase some of the things I’m involved in. Though having found a full time job, I found I had less time to blog, hence fewer posts for a while.

I revisited the blog when my work announced their Learn and Play program, which required a blog to complete the activities. Rather then make another blog, I returned to this blog to record my learn and play activities. The early posts are much more interesting, later posts reflect the time crunch in completing activities while getting the Homework Help Center open and running. (which it is, yeah!!)

Now, I’m here to use the blog in yet another way. My library and technology class requires us to create a blog and post there. I am opposed to cluttering up the internet with more needless blogs that could be traced back to me, so I plan on using this same blog again! I know some bloggers have many blogs, to represent different interests and purposes, but since all of these uses represent different aspects of my professional development, I prefer to keep them all together.


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