Day Four–not so delicious

Today marks the fourth day in not having electricity at my apartment, and I am exhausted. The Library still has power, which allows me to type this, but which has contributed to the exhaustion by keeping me on my toes finding outlets for everyone. Last night I remarked that this was the sort of thing that I would blog about if I had power, but then of course there wouldn’t be anything to say (That is the kind of circular thinking that I do when I’m really tired and cranky from not having power for going on 90 hrs.)

Since I lack electricity and a certain other energy that keeps me going, I am only now getting to the learn and play exercises. This time it is Delicious tagging, which I can see the use for, particularly since CML has changed their computers so they can’t be modified to include saved bookmarks. There are a number of reference type websites that I use that I’d like to have at hand, the Juvenile Series and Sequels at the Mid-Continental Public Library, and many others, that I’d like to be able to access at what ever computer I may be working at. It also would allow me to see what others use for that kind of reader’s advisory.

So, while I lack the energy to set up my own account now, I can see that I might once I do get electricity back and have a good nap!


2 responses to “Day Four–not so delicious

  1. Soo Sorry about the no power,and the mice issue.

  2. Thanks, as far as I know there is still no power–which makes me wonder if I will ever be able to get replacement mice for the snakes!

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