My Snakes

My Snakes

Originally uploaded by swegene1

These are my three snakes–one is shown twice–I made this graphic using one of the image creating tools for CML’s Learn and Play, so I can say Photobucket The two babies are so squirmy, that it is a wonder they stay still long enough to get their photos taken. My three snakes are: A.R. Snakeypants, DeDe Snakeyshorts, and Sneaky Snakeyspots.


2 responses to “My Snakes

  1. Snakes really freak me out…i’m surprised I looked at these and even commented….what can i say…trying to get over my fears!!!

  2. My snakes are such sweeties, they basically sleep most of the time, hiding under their bark. They just come out when I drag them out to play. I understand being scared of snakes in the wild, but these beauties are captive bred all the way. They just explore around my hands, and spend lots of time sleeping.

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