RSS: Really Slow Start

So this morning I decided to try to get a handle on this RSS stuff for Learn and Play @CML. I understand the basic idea behind the RSS, but never have bothered to explore any further. At the moment, I’m not even sure how it will save me time/energy. First of all it took FOREVER for the computer to verify my e-mail address and then it froze and wouldn’t let me add any feeds. I shut the computer down and then came back and it was much faster. I added some of my favorite blogs, and some new CML blogs that I thought might be updated.

For me the question really is: what is the advantage of this over bookmarking pages? I suppose if one wants to keep track of blogs that are infrequently updated and want to have something else keep an eye on it, but if you read blogs that are updated daily then one might as well just go directly to them. I suppose that the usefulness of RSS will be determined by the individual user–I’ll give it a try and see how I can use it!

Curious readers can check out my RSS feed at:


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