Widget Envy

So with CML’s learn and play there are a zillion blogs for me to look at, on one of them I saw this awesome widget that tracked the countries you had been too. The problem was that I don’t remember which one it is! With almost three hundred blogs I will never find it again–so I used google and found a widget that is almost as cool! Here is my map, and I may yet do one for my mother who has been everywhere!
And apparently the widget doesn’t work with wordpress, so here is the link:


One response to “Widget Envy

  1. Yes, one of WordPress’ undesirable qualities is that it doesn’t allow you to embed objects such as a counter, or You Tube vids. I found this out trying to create a book shelf people could see that links to my shelfari.com account. I searched around on the site and it said that they don’t allow it for security reasons (whatever that means).

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