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Widget Envy

So with CML’s learn and play there are a zillion blogs for me to look at, on one of them I saw this awesome widget that tracked the countries you had been too. The problem was that I don’t remember which one it is! With almost three hundred blogs I will never find it again–so I used google and found a widget that is almost as cool! Here is my map, and I may yet do one for my mother who has been everywhere!
And apparently the widget doesn’t work with wordpress, so here is the link:



My creation

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Even before my brother and his wife had their baby girl, I begun collecting board books for them to share with her. My brother told me that they didn’t have that kind of specialized thing in the college town where he lives. This still makes me laugh, both because he thought board books are specialized, and because that town has all kinds of places to buy specialized things even if they were that hard to find. This encouraged me to buy even more for them. I still have a stack on my book shelf waiting to be sent off, but the first thing I sent them was this little cloth book with a rattle. My sister-in-law uses it with the itty bitty baby girl to read to her while she is stretching her tummy. I think this is a great example of how books can be used even when babies are very young.

Flikr Blogpost

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At the beginning of August I went on a whirlwind trip to see my family–took a grand total of two days off and spend four days in Utah. This is a picture from the gardens that my mom and I went to visit the Friday I was there. I usually use Photobucket, but since we have been encouraged to use Flikr for CML’s Play and Learn I uploaded them to a brand new Flikr account. I don’t really have work images to upload, since I use a work camera at work and my own camera at home. But I do enjoy taking pictures, more of a point and click, click, click then anything fancy!

Flikr for Work, Photobucket for Play

So this week’s challenge is to discover Flikr, which means both setting up an account and learning to navigate the perks. I usually use photobucket I have to say, which I like lots better. I use it to keep my pictures of all my various and assorted pets. It allows very easy display of pictures on bbs services, IM, blogs and so on, much more user friendly for my needs then flikr.

Here are some of my favorite photobucket pictures, which were very easy to put in this post: New snake: Photobucket

Play and Learn @CML

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be participating in Play and Learn @CML, an opportunity to increase my familarization with some of the technologies that make up Web 2.0. The first technology is the blog, which gives me a great incentive to start this blog back up. Maybe after participating here, I’ll have more commitment to posting. So here we go, hopefully we can have fun while we learn!

Library and Web 1.0

So over the next month CML will be launching an initiative to encourage library staff members to learn about the technologies that make up Web 2.0. This is ideally to help us become better able to help our customers, because we are largely not able to use these for our own promotion of the library. Since I would love to create a blog, flikr account, or use other technologies to promote and share information about my library, but since that is centralized, it is likely this is intended to help us answer technology questions for our customers. The question that runs through my mind, and that of some of my co-workers, is whether our customers are even ready for Web 1.0?

Case in point, over the past two days we helped a gentleman discover what the Internet is, sign up for a e-mail account (which he first needed to learn what it was), how to use e-mail, how to cut and paste, and basically how to use both the computer and Internet. This is not an unusual occurrence. The vast majority of technical questions I get have to do with the very basics of computer and Internet usage–the difference between the Internet and e-mail, the importance of placing all the periods and dashes in Internet addresses, and how to left and right click on a mouse. More savvy users ask about formatting on Microsoft word, or why our web page is down, or why the web page they want will not work.

All of this, and I work in an area where the majority of households own at least one computer with Internet access. They come to the library when theirs isn’t working, when they are bringing their children to the library, because there is something wrong with their Internet. So why spend the time and money to teach us all Web 2.0?

More thoughts later..