Working Full Time

Ack, I really mean to post everyday, but with the craziness that is Summer Reading Club and getting used to working full time for the first time in a long time it just hasn’t happened. My dad would say “Any excuse for non-performance, no matter how valid the excuse, only weakens the character.” So I’ll just say I’ll try harder to post at least a couple of times a week!

Today is my evening on, which gives me time to cook food for tomorrow’s lunch this morning. It would probably be fresher if I got up early on Thursday or stayed up later tonight. Since I know that it wouldn’t happen if I waited, I’m baking brownies this morning and am considering starting chopping the onions for the baked beans. I’m still struggling with the vegetarian bean issue–since my father always makes the best beans with hug chunks of bacon. But, apparently over half of the staff are vegetarians, so it would be nice to be obliging.

Even though this is my second week at work, I’m still trying to get my schedule worked out. This morning we have an author visit that I’m going in earlier for, but I’m not sure that I’m ok’d for leaving an hour earlier. This whole schedule thing is a bit frustrating–since I want to come in earlier in the morning and take a shorter lunch break, but can’t leave any earlier. It is probably because I’m still so new and enthusiastic that it is hard to keep me from jumping in and working more–though I know I need to restrain myself.


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