More New Job Fun

This week I started my new job, and I LOVE it! However, it has left me with less time and energy to dedicate to this blog. Partially that is because I am also finishing my class at the same time. Today is my evening on, so I don’t have to go in to the library for a while this morning. So I thought I’d post about the exciting preparations for the Summer Reading Club that we are busy putting together!

Decorations are going up–with the theme being GAME ON! READ! There are lots of cool games that can be featured, so it is a matter of selecting which ones to feature. Since neither I nor the Librarian I’m assisting with the decor are really into sports, we are focusing on some other outdoors games. We have hula hoops, jump ropes, hop scotch, and a few sports related items. I’m working on signs to advertise our programs each day–there is so much going on that it is important to make sure everyone can see what is scheduled for that day.

We’ve divided the supervision of programs between the four of us Youth Services staff–and I am SO excited about the activities I will get to observe and host. I’ll be working on science themed Tuesdays as well as non-family story time Wednesdays, as well as a variety of other activities. For my first day of work, we went on class visits and I was sharing all of the exciting visitors and programs we will be having and encouraging them to come see them. The kids LOVED hearing about the Turtle Lady, with her buckets of turtles, and the Reptile guy with his ALLIGATOR!! I have to say that I am looking forward to both of these as well, though I can only imagine the potential mess and chaos.

I’m also still working on my passive programing ideas–lots of fun crosswords and word searches!


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